Internationalization in China

The Chinese market represents a great opportunity for Italian companies that intend to pursue a path of internationalization abroad:

• It is an emerging market in expansion
• It is a single market of 1.3 billion people
• Provides the opportunity to increase sales and thus react to the slowdown in domestic Italian market
• It allows an increase in competitiveness against competing companies
• It allows a business risk diversification.

CDV has a strategic partnership in China with “Parco delle Eccellenze Italiane”, that allows us to offer a powerful solution
to the process:

• Support for linguistic and cultural aspects and also for more technical ones (such as customs duties and other market access costs)
• Collaboration with Chinese government agencies (e.g. special tax conditions compared to normal treatment, clearance of goods done in a shorter time compared with normal practice – 48h)
• Short value chain and easy partnership with Italian actors
• “Parco delle Eccellenze Italiane” has already started a pilot project, with a total of 300 product brands that have started selling their products in the Chinese market
• Opportunity to develop the Format in other regions and commercial activities in Malls that attract more than 20,000 private visitors daily. The active Malls are meanwhile located in the following cities: Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Dazhou and Chongqing
• Support in Digital Strategy and in the day-by-day Digital Marketing Activities (Promotion in leading e-commerce sites and realization of integrated App (Alibaba, Taobao, WeChat, etc.); website Creation in e-commerce portals (leader: Tmall, JD and niche: Yihaodian, Womai, SF BEST)

Thanks to our expertise and our Chinese Business Partner we are able to solve the typical problems of this process, ensuring increased speed of entry into the market and reducing the risk of failure of the process of internationalization.